Pristinz™ is a medical grade disinfectant, harmless to cleaners and users.

It is a cost- and time- effective way of cleaning as compared to traditional cleaning methods.


Area of Applications include (but not limited to):

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Lecture Theatres

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Food & Beverage


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Scientific Laboratories

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Hotel / Resorts

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Hospital Environment

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High-touch Surface

Contact Areas

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Industrial Premises

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Public & Outdoor


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Pristinz™ Disinfectant

• Pristinz is a disinfectant that contains Hypochlorous Acid as the main active ingredient. 


• Hypochlorous Acid is produced naturally by the human white blood cells to fight bacteria and inflammation; so it is perfectly safe to human cells.


• Hypochlorous Acid is US FDA approved to sanitize meat, vegetables and fruits.


•  It does not cause the formation of resistant strain micro-organisms.

available in:

Chlorine Dioxide
70% Isoprop Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide

Effective against most bacteria/ fungi/viruses

Effective against most bacteria/ fungi/viruses

Effective against many microbes

Can’t kill sporicides or enter protein rich materials

Effective against most microbes

Health effects

Produced naturally by white blood cells; safe to human

- Corrosive to eyes and skin
- Produce toxic gas with NH3

Attacks eye/ skin, tissue, blood, cause bronchitis

Irritates eyes, airway & skin, eczema

Irritates eyes, throat, airway, skin

Environment issues

Allowed by EPA as a pesticide

Toxic to aquatic organisms

10% conc explosive & toxic (free Cl2)

Form toxic peroxides in air

No EPA approval for Eco


100x > bleach to kill microbes; FDA approved for wounds

Damage floor finishes, carpets, clothing etc

Deactivates Cl resistant pathogens & biofilms

Inactive with organic matters and many virus

Harmful with direct or oral contact

Test Standard
Microbes tested against
% of microbes killed
Virucidal Efficacy
EN 14476

Virus activity in medical areas

• Coxsackie A16
• Echovirus 6
• Herpes Simplex virus
• SARS-CoV-2 (Test done in-house)
• Murine Hepatitis Virus
(Test done in-house)

> 99.9%

Bactericidal Efficacy
EN 13727

Medical use: instrument and surface disinfectant

• Pseudomonas auruginosa
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Enterococcus hirae

> 99.999%

Yeasticidal /Fungicidal Efficacy
EN 13624

Medical instruments and surface disinfectant

• Candida Albicans (fungus)

> 99.99%

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